[421I-1] Cooperative housing corporation; defined. As used in this chapter, unless otherwise indicated by the context, "corporation" means a cooperative housing corporation that:

(1) Has one and only one class of stock outstanding;

(2) Allows each tenant shareholder to occupy a dwelling unit for dwelling purposes solely by reason of the tenant shareholder's ownership of stock in the corporation;

(3) Does not allow a shareholder to receive, either conditionally or unconditionally, any distributions from the corporation except when there is a complete or partial liquidation of the corporation; provided that this paragraph does not apply to earnings and profits of the corporation; and

(4) Has eighty per cent or more of the gross income for the taxable year in which taxes are paid or incurred pursuant to 26 United States Code section 216(A) derived from tenant shareholders. [L 1993, c 282, pt of 1]


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