Part I. General Provisions


421C-1 Definitions

421C-2 Purpose

421C-3 Stock and nonstock associations; general corporation

laws, when applicable


Part II. Special Provisions

421C-11 Forms

421C-11.5 Articles

421C-12 Bylaws; contents

421C-13 Meetings, etc.

421C-14 One member, one vote

421C-15 No proxy

421C-16 Absentee voting

421C-17 Removal of directors

421C-18 Removal of officers

421C-19 Limitations on interest-dividends

421C-20 Admission to membership

421C-21 Issuance of stock and membership certificates

421C-22 Transfer of shares and membership; withdrawal

421C-23 Recall of member's holdings

421C-24 Expulsion

421C-25 Allocation and distribution of net savings

421C-26 Cooperative agreements

421C-27 Bonding

421C-28 Books; review

421C-29 Annual report

421C-30 Voluntary dissolution, etc.

421C-31 Merger

421C-32 Associations and agreements are not in restraint of


421C-33 Volunteers exempted

421C-34 Use of name "cooperative"; penalty

421C-35 Construction of chapter

421C-36 Exemption of voting stock from registration

421C-37 Existing cooperatives


Part III. Unclaimed Property

421C-41 Annual report of unclaimed property

421C-42 Disposition of non-escheat patronage refunds


Cross Reference


Electric cooperatives; exemption by public utilities commission from certain requirements, see 269-31.


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