§419-9  Corporations sole heretofore formed; general laws.  (a)  Any corporation sole heretofore formed and existing under the laws of this State for ecclesiastical purposes may elect to continue its existence under this chapter by filing an application for amendment of its charter in the manner and form provided for an application for an original charter, together with the required certificates as to the incumbency of the corporation.  If such amendment is allowed by the director of commerce and consumer affairs, this chapter thereupon shall apply to such corporations sole the same as to corporations formed under this chapter.

     (b)  Any charter or amended charter granted or corporation created or existing under the authority of this chapter shall be subject to all general laws enacted in regard to corporations. [L Sp 1941, c 58, pt of §1(6769D); RL 1945, §8409; RL 1955, §175-9; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §15; am L 1963, c 114, §3; HRS §419-9; am L 1982, c 204, §8; am L 1983, c 124, §17; am L 2004, c 121, §23]