§419-3  Powers of corporation sole.  (a)  Every corporation sole formed under this chapter shall have the powers set forth in section 414D-52.

     (b)  Every such corporation shall have continuity of existence, notwithstanding vacancies in the incumbency thereof, and during the period of any vacancy, shall have the same capacity and right to receive and take any gift, bequest, devise, or conveyance of property, either as grantee for its own use, or as a trustee (where the trusteeship is within its corporate purposes and subject to removal from such trusteeship as provided by law), and to be or be made the beneficiary of a trust, as though there were no vacancies.

     (c)  No agency created by a corporation sole by a written instrument which, in express terms, provides that the agency thereby created shall not be terminated by a vacancy in the incumbency of the corporation, shall be terminated or affected by the death of the incumbent of the corporation or by a vacancy in the incumbency thereof, however caused. [L Sp 1941, c 58, pt of §1(6767); RL 1945, §8403; RL 1955, §175-3; HRS §419-3; am L 1988, c 370, §1; am L 2002, c 40, §54]