415A-1 Title

   415A-2 Definitions

   415A-3 Purposes

   415A-4 Prohibited activities

   415A-5 General powers

   415A-6 Rendering professional services

   415A-7 Right of corporation to acquire its own shares

   415A-8 Corporate name

 415A-8.5 Administrative order of abatement for infringement of

          corporate name

   415A-9 Issuance and transfer of shares; share certificates

  415A-10 Death or disqualification of a shareholder

  415A-11 Responsibility for professional services

  415A-12 Professional relationships; privileged communications

  415A-13 Voting of shares

  415A-14 Directors and officers

415A-14.5 Incorporators

415A-14.6 Articles of incorporation

415A-14.7 Filing of documents, effective date

415A-14.8 Organization of corporation

  415A-15 Amendments to articles of incorporation

  415A-16 Merger and share exchange

415A-16.5 Conversion into and from professional corporations

415A-16.6 Articles of conversion

415A-16.7 Repealed

415A-16.8 Effect of conversion

  415A-17 Termination of professional activities

  415A-18 Administrative dissolution; expiration; reinstatement

415A-18.5 Trustees or receivers for dissolved professional

          corporations; appointment; powers; duties

  415A-19 to 21 Repealed

  415A-22 Annual report

  415A-23 Repealed

  415A-24 Interrogatories by director

  415A-25 Penalties

  415A-26 Repealed

  415A-27 Application of business corporation act

  415A-28 Application to existing corporations

  415A-29 Reservation of power

  415A-30 Effect of repeal of prior acts

  415A-31 Effect of invalidity of part of this chapter