[414E-1] Definitions. As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

"Acquiring person" means a person who is required to deliver an information statement.

"Beneficial ownership" shall be determined pursuant to section 13 of the federal Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the rules adopted thereunder, as amended.

"Control share acquisition" means an acquisition of shares of an issuing public corporation resulting in beneficial ownership by an acquiring person of a new range of voting power specified in this chapter, but does not include an acquisition:

(1) Before or pursuant to an agreement entered into before July 1, 1987;

(2) By a donee pursuant to an inter vivos gift not made to avoid this chapter or by a distributee as defined in chapter 560;

(3) Pursuant to a security agreement not created to avoid this chapter;

(4) Pursuant to a merger or share exchange executed in accordance with applicable law, if the issuing public corporation is a party to the plan of merger or share exchange;

(5) From the issuing public corporation;

(6) That is approved by resolution of the board of directors of the issuing public corporation before the acquisition occurs; or

(7) That the board of directors of the issuing public corporation determines, by resolution before the acquisition occurs, is not a control share acquisition.

"Issuing public corporation" means a corporation incorporated in this State with at least one hundred shareholders and having its principal place of business or substantial assets located in this State. [L 2001, c 129, pt of 1]


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