§414D-284  Procedure and effect of revocation.  (a)  The department director upon determining that one or more grounds exist under section 414D-283 for revocation of a certificate of authority shall give written notice of the department director's determination by mailing the notice to the foreign corporation at its last known address appearing in the records of the department director.

     (b)  If the foreign corporation does not correct each ground for revocation or demonstrate to the reasonable satisfaction of the department director that each ground for revocation determined by the department director does not exist within sixty days after the date of mailing of the department director's written notice, the department director may revoke the foreign corporation's certificate of authority by signing a certificate of revocation that recites the ground or grounds for revocation and its effective date.

     (c)  Upon revoking any certificate of authority, the department director shall issue a certificate of revocation that shall be filed in the department director's office, and the authority of the foreign corporation to transact business in this State shall immediately cease.

     (d)  Revocation of a foreign corporation's certificate of authority does not terminate the authority of the registered agent of the corporation. [L 2001, c 105, pt of §1; am L 2003, c 124, §40]