414D-250 Reinstatement following administrative dissolution. (a) A corporation administratively dissolved under section 414D-249 may apply to the department director for reinstatement within two years after the effective date of dissolution. The application shall:

(1) Recite the name of the corporation and the effective date of its administrative dissolution;

(2) Contain all reports due and unfiled;

(3) Contain the payment of all delinquent fees; and

(4) Contain a certificate or other writing from the department of taxation indicating that all taxes owed by the corporation have been paid, a payment arrangement has been entered into, or the unpaid tax liabilities are being contested in an administrative or judicial appeal with the department of taxation.

(b) Within the applicable reinstatement period, should the name of the corporation, or a name substantially identical thereto be registered or reserved by another corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership, or should the name or a name substantially identical thereto be registered as a trade name, trademark, or service mark, then reinstatement shall be allowed only upon the registration of a new name by the administratively dissolved corporation pursuant to the amendment provisions of this chapter.

(c) If the department director determines that the application contains the information required by subsection (a) and that the information is correct, the department director shall cancel the certificate of dissolution and prepare a certificate of reinstatement reciting that determination and the effective date of reinstatement, file the original of the certificate, and mail a copy to the corporation at its last known address appearing in the records of the department director.

(d) When reinstatement is effective, it relates back to and takes effect as of the effective date of the administrative dissolution and the corporation shall resume carrying on its activities as if the administrative dissolution had never occurred. [L 2001, c 105, pt of 1; am L 2006, c 184, 13 and c 235, 8; am L 2009, c 23, 6; am L 2012, c 58, 10]



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