§414D-233  Notice to the attorney general of intention to dissolve.  (a)  A public benefit corporation shall give the attorney general written notice that it intends to dissolve before the time it delivers the articles of dissolution to the department director.  The notice shall include a copy or summary of the plan of dissolution.

     (b)  No assets shall be transferred or conveyed by a public benefit corporation as part of the dissolution process until twenty business days after it has given the written notice required by subsection (a) to the attorney general or until the attorney general has consented in writing to the dissolution, or indicated in writing that the attorney general will take no action in respect to, the transfer or conveyance, whichever is earlier.

     (c)  When all or substantially all of the assets of a public benefit corporation have been transferred or conveyed following approval of dissolution, the board shall deliver to the attorney general a list showing those (other than creditors) to whom the assets were transferred or conveyed.  The list shall indicate the addresses of each person (other than creditors) who received assets and indicate what assets each received. [L 2004, c 171, §3; am L 2005, c 22, §24; am L 2017, c 87, §4]