414D-167 Application of this part. (a) A provision treating a corporation's indemnification of or advance for expenses to directors that is contained in its articles of incorporation, bylaws, a resolution of its members or board of directors, or in a contract or otherwise, is valid only if and to the extent the provision is consistent with this part. If articles of incorporation limit indemnification or advances for expenses, indemnification and advances for expenses are valid only to the extent consistent with the articles.

(b) This part shall not limit a corporation's power to pay or reimburse expenses incurred by a director in connection with appearing as a witness in a proceeding at a time when the director has not been made a named defendant or respondent to the proceeding.

(c) A corporation, by a provision in its articles of incorporation or bylaws, in a resolution adopted, or in a contract approved by its board of directors or members, may obligate itself, in advance of the act or omission giving rise to a proceeding, to provide indemnification in accordance with section 414D-160 or advance funds to pay for or reimburse expenses in accordance with section 414D-162. Any such obligatory provision shall be deemed to satisfy the requirements for authorization referred to in [sections] 414D-164 and 414D-162(c). Any such provision that obligates the corporation to provide indemnification to the fullest extent permitted by law shall be deemed to obligate the corporation to advance funds to pay for or reimburse expenses in accordance with section 414D-162 to the fullest extent permitted by law, unless the provision specifically provides otherwise. [L 2001, c 105, pt of 1; am L 2003, c 81, 2]


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