414D-5 Filing, service, and copying fees. (a) The following fees shall be paid to the department director upon the filing of corporate documents:

(1) Articles of incorporation, $50;

(2) Articles of amendment, $10;

(3) Restated articles of incorporation, $10;

(4) Articles of merger, $50;

(5) Articles of conversion, $50;

(6) Articles of dissolution, $10;

(7) Annual report of nonprofit domestic or foreign corporation, $5;

(8) Any other statement, report, certificate, application, or other corporate document, except an annual report, of a nonprofit domestic or foreign corporation, $10;

(9) Application for a certificate of authority, $50;

(10) Application for a certificate of withdrawal, $10;

(11) Reservation of corporate name, $10;

(12) Transfer of reservation of corporate name, $10;

(13) Good standing certificate, $5;

(14) Special handling fee for review of corporation documents, excluding articles of merger or conversion, $25;

(15) Special handling fee for review of articles of conversion or merger, $75;

(16) Special handling fee for certificates issued by the department, $10 per certificate;

(17) Special handling fee for certification of documents, $10; and

(18) For filings relating to registered agents, the fees established by section 425R-2.

(b) All special handling fees shall be credited to the compliance resolution fund established under section 26-9(o).

(c) The department director shall adjust the fees assessed under this section, as necessary from time to time, through rules adopted pursuant to chapter 91. [L 2001, c 105, pt of 1; am L 2003, c 124, 20; am L 2004, c 116, 4 and c 117, 2; am L 2009, c 55, 17]



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