§412:13-222  Relocation of office; written application necessary.  (a)  No foreign bank that is licensed to establish and maintain a Hawaii state branch, Hawaii state agency, or Hawaii representative office shall relocate any Hawaii office without the commissioner's prior written approval; provided that approval shall not be required if:

     (1)  The relocation will be less than one mile from the foreign bank's present place of business;

     (2)  The foreign bank gives the commissioner written notice at least twenty days prior to the move;

     (3)  The type of business carried on at the new place of business will be the same as at the present place of business; and

     (4)  There will be no financial involvement in the relocation by a director, executive officer, or principal shareholder, or a related interest of any of these persons.

     (b)  The foreign bank shall file an application with the commissioner.  The application shall be in a form and contain any information as the commissioner shall require.

     (c)  If after appropriate examination and investigation, the commissioner is satisfied that the proposed relocation is justified and proper, the commissioner shall approve the application in writing, with any conditions that the commissioner deems appropriate. [L 1996, c 155, pt of §2; am L 1999, c 245, §6; am L 2001, c 170, §19; am L 2008, c 196, §10; am L 2016, c 149, §15]