§412:10-200  General powers.  (a)  Except as expressly prohibited or limited by this chapter, a credit union shall have the power to issue shares, solicit, accept and hold deposits, and engage in any activities which are usual or incidental to the business of a credit union.  In addition to the powers mentioned elsewhere in this article, a credit union may:

     (1)  Enter into contracts of any nature;

     (2)  Sue and be sued;

     (3)  Adopt, use and display a common seal;

     (4)  Acquire, lease, hold, assign, pledge, hypothecate, sell, or otherwise dispose of property, either in whole or in part, necessary or incidental to its operations;

     (5)  Offer to its members, public unit accounts and other credit unions, shares, share certificates, share drafts, deposits, as provided in this article;

     (6)  Make loans and extensions of credit of any kind, whether unsecured or secured by real or personal property of any kind or description;

     (7)  Borrow from any source within or without the State; provided that a credit union shall notify the commissioner in writing of its intention to borrow in excess of an aggregate of fifty per cent of its capital;

     (8)  Discount or sell any of the credit union's assets, and purchase the assets of another credit union;

     (9)  Offer related financial services, including, but not limited to, electronic fund transfers, safe deposit boxes, leasing and correspondent arrangements with other financial institutions;

    (10)  Hold membership in other credit unions organized under this or other laws, in service centers, and in associations and organizations controlled by or fostering the interests of credit unions, including a central liquidity facility organized under state or federal law;

    (11)  Engage in activities and programs as requested by any governmental unit, subject to approval by the board of directors and not inconsistent with this article;

    (12)  Act as fiscal agent for and receive payments on share and deposit accounts from a governmental unit;

    (13)  Make contributions to any nonprofit civic, charitable or service organizations; and

    (14)  Make investments as permitted under this article.

     (b)  A credit union may exercise all incidental powers that are necessary or requisite to enable it to effectively carry out its purposes. [L 1993, c 350, pt of §1]