412:10-121 Central credit unions. (a) Central credit unions may be chartered under this article and shall enjoy all powers of other credit unions chartered under this article and be subject to all provisions of this article not inconsistent with this section.

(b) A central credit union is a credit union whose field of membership includes the following:

(1) Officers, directors, committee members and employees of credit unions organized under this article or any other credit union law;

(2) Officers, directors and employees of associations of credit unions;

(3) Employees of federal or state government agencies responsible for the supervision of credit unions in this State;

(4) Persons in the field of membership of liquidated credit unions or of credit unions which have entered into or will enter into voluntary or involuntary liquidation proceedings;

(5) Employees of an employer having an insufficient number of employees to form or conduct the affairs of a separate credit union; and

(6) Members of the immediate families of persons qualifying for membership under this subsection. [L 1993, c 350, pt of 1]


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