412:10-117 Supervisory committee. (a) Within thirty days following each annual election, the board of directors shall appoint a supervisory committee consisting of no fewer than three and not more than five members, one of whom may be a director other than the treasurer. The bylaws shall specify the qualifications, terms and other conditions of service of the supervisory committee. The board of directors shall fill vacancies in the supervisory committee until successors are appointed after the next annual election.

(b) The supervisory committee shall make or cause to be made an annual audit of the books and affairs of the credit union, and such supplementary audits as the board or the commissioner may require; provided that the supervisory committee shall hire a certified public accountant or other qualified person or firm to conduct the audit if any of the following conditions exist:

(1) The supervisory committee has not conducted an annual supervisory committee audit;

(2) The board of directors or the commissioner deems an outside audit necessary; or

(3) The credit union has experienced persistent and serious recordkeeping or accounting deficiencies in violation of the requirements of sections 412:3-108 or 412:3-111 which continue past a usual, expected or normal period of time.

The committee shall submit a report of each such audit to the board of directors and upon request, to the commissioner, and a summary of the report to the members at the next annual membership meeting of the credit union.

(c) The supervisory committee shall cause the passbooks and accounts of the members to be verified with the records of the credit union from time to time, and not less frequently than once every two years. The supervisory committee shall make or cause to be made such supplementary audits, examinations, and verifications of members' accounts as it deems necessary or as are required by the commissioner or the board of directors, and submit reports of these supplementary audits to the board of directors. [L 1993, c 350, pt of 1]


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