412:10-114 Credit committee. (a) If the bylaws provide for a credit committee, the board of directors may appoint or the members may elect a credit committee. The credit committee shall consist of an odd number of members of the credit union, not less than three, but which shall not include more than one loan officer. The bylaws shall specify the number, qualifications, terms and other conditions of service of the credit committee. The board of directors shall fill any vacancies in the credit committee until successors are appointed or elected at the next annual election.

(b) The credit committee shall have general supervision of all loans to members, unless that function is delegated to a credit manager. It may approve or disapprove loan applications, subject to written policies established by the board of directors.

(c) The credit committee shall meet as often as the credit union's business requires to consider applications for loans or to review the work of the loan officers. A majority of committee members shall constitute a quorum, and except for those loans or lines of credit required to be approved by the board of directors, the vote of a majority present at any duly constituted meeting shall constitute the decision of the committee. [L 1993, c 350, pt of 1]


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