§412:10-104  Articles and bylaws.  (a)  The applicants shall file with the commissioner proposed articles of association and bylaws as a part of the application for organization.

     (b)  The articles of association shall contain, but shall not be limited to the following provisions:

     (1)  Name and location of the proposed credit union;

     (2)  Name and addresses of the chartering applicants and the number of shares subscribed by each;

     (3)  Proposed field of membership, specified in detail; and

     (4)  Term of the existence of the credit union, which may be perpetual.

     (c)  The bylaws shall contain provisions for the general government of the credit union which are consistent with the requirements of this article.

     (d)  In order to simplify the organization of credit unions, the commissioner shall cause to be prepared model articles of association and bylaws, consistent with this article, which may be used by credit union organizers for their guidance.  Such articles of association and bylaws shall be available to persons desiring to organize a credit union. [L 1993, c 350, pt of §1]