Cross References


  Uniform Fiduciaries Act, see chapter 556.


     §412:8-400  General requirements.  Within the limits of the standard of a prudent investor, a trust company as fiduciary, custodian, agent, personal representative, or otherwise may acquire and retain every kind of property, real, personal, or mixed and every kind of investment, including without limitation bonds, debentures, and other corporate obligations, and corporate stocks, preferred or common, and securities of any open-end or closed-end management type investment company or unit investment trust registered under the federal Investment Company Act of 1940, as from time to time amended, and may retain property properly acquired without limitation as to time and without regard to its suitability for original purchase.  Notwithstanding any other law, and unless expressly prohibited by the governing instrument, a trust company may invest fiduciary funds and other funds over which it has investment discretion in the securities of an investment company or trust to which the trust company, or an affiliate of the trust company, is providing services as investment advisor, sponsor, distributor, custodian, transfer agent, registrar, or otherwise, and is receiving reasonable remuneration for the services.  Nothing herein shall authorize a departure from or variation of, the express terms or limitations set forth in the instrument creating the fiduciary relationship, but the terms "legal investment" or "authorized investment", or words of similar import, means any investment conforming to the foregoing standard. [L 1993, c 350, pt of §1]