412:8-204 Agreement between trust companies and banks. A trust company granted full trust powers may contract by written agreement with any bank or national banking association to carry on trust services in the bank's or national banking association's name and for its account at one or more of the banking offices of a bank or national banking association. A bank may permit by written agreement any trust company having its principal office in this State and exercising full trust powers to carry on trust services at one or more of its banking offices but in the name and for the account of the trust company. Any agreement provided for in this section, including any lease, or modification or extension thereof, shall not be effective as to any trust company until and unless it is approved in writing by the commissioner. The commissioner may approve or disapprove the agreement upon consideration of the sufficiency of the capital and surplus of the trust company and the bank, the need for trust services and other facts or circumstances which the commissioner may deem appropriate. [L 1993, c 350, pt of 1]


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