412:8-101 Definitions. In this article:

"Client" means a customer of a trust company, including without limitation a settlor or beneficiary with a vested interest, the grantor of a power, or the principal in an agency relationship. When context permits, both the settlor and the beneficiary may be clients at the same time.

"Trust company" means a Hawaii financial institution which has been permitted to use the term "trust company" as part of its name, or a subsidiary, trust division or department of a bank that is a Hawaii financial institution, which engages primarily in the business of acting as a trustee, personal representative, guardian, agent, and other fiduciary, either by court appointment or by agreement.

"Trust holding company" means a financial institution holding company, other than a bank or a bank holding company which controls a trust company or another trust holding company. A bank which is authorized to engage in the business of a trust company through a subsidiary, division or department of the bank is not a trust holding company if its trust business is solely through such subsidiary, division or department. [L 1993, c 350, pt of 1]


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