412:5A-203 Paid-in capital and surplus. Every international banking corporation shall at all times have paid-in capital and surplus in such amounts as shall be established for all international banking corporations by rule by the commissioner; provided, that:

(1) Paid-in capital shall at no time be less than $750,000, except that upon receiving its approval the international banking corporation need have only twenty-five per cent of the required capital paid-in, and the remainder may be paid up in installments of at least ten per cent of total required capital every two months thereafter; and

(2) The minimum required surplus shall be twenty per cent of capital and need not be paid in or accumulated unless and until the international banking corporation has declared a dividend, whereupon at least ten per cent of its net profits shall be paid to surplus until the required minimum surplus has been fully paid up. [L 1993, c 350, pt of 1]


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