412:4-111 Accounts of deceased nonresidents. A deposit held in a financial institution in the name of a person who dies while domiciled in another state, the District of Columbia and any territory or possession of the United States, leaving an estate in this State which exceeds $5,000 in net value, may be paid to the executor, administrator or other personal representative of the decedent appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction therein. Upon presentation of letters of administration or other documentation purporting to establish the appointment under the law of the decedent's domicile, the financial institution may make the payment without requiring the filing of ancillary proceedings in this State. Upon such payment, the financial institution shall be released and discharged of any further liability to any person with respect to the funds so paid, and no action at law or equity may be maintained against the financial institution for payment made in accordance with this section. [L 1993, c 350, pt of 1]


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