412:4-109 Checks drawn or transfers or withdrawals made by authorized persons. Whenever a deposit account holder has authorized another person, whether as an agent, attorney-in-fact, officer, or in any other capacity, to draw checks on or make or order transfers or withdrawals from the account, the financial institution, in the absence of proper written notice to the contrary, shall be justified in presuming that any check drawn on the account or transfer or withdrawal made by or on the order of the authorized person in the form or manner authorized by the account contract, including payments, transfers or withdrawals made to or for the account and benefit of the authorized person, was paid or made for a purpose authorized by the account holder and within the scope of the authority conferred upon the authorized person. The death, disability or incapacity of the account holder does not revoke or terminate the authority granted by the holder as to the financial institution if, without actual knowledge of the death, disability or incapacity of the holder, the financial institution acts in good faith in accordance with the authorization. Any payment, transfer or withdrawal paid or allowed by the financial institution pursuant to this section shall release and discharge the financial institution from any liability to any person for the funds paid, transferred or withdrawn, and no action at law or equity may be maintained against the financial institution for payment, transfer or withdrawal in accordance with this section. [L 1993, c 350, pt of 1]


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