§412:4-103  Statements presumed correct after one year; statute of limitations.  (a)  Any statement of account rendered by a financial institution to the account holder, and in the case of a multi-party account to any one holder, shall be conclusively presumed to be correct after one year from the date of its first rendition, and unless the holder has objected to such statement within such period, the account shall be deemed finally adjusted and settled.

     (b)  Any legal action to correct the account not brought within one year shall be barred; provided, however, that the period for commencement of any legal action shall be extended for any length of time that the financial institution has been given notice by the account holder of any alleged error within said one-year period and the financial institution has not denied the account holder's objection to the correctness of the statement.

     (c)  A statement of account shall be deemed to have been rendered when the financial institution has made a notation in the account holder's passbook, or has provided either a deposit account statement showing the balance of the account and the transactions since the last statement, or a written notice reasonably calculated to apprise the holder of such transactions and balance.

     (d)  The account holder of an account has a duty to exercise reasonable care and diligence in examining any statement rendered by the financial institution, if any, and nothing in this section relieves the holder of such duty or from the consequences of neglecting such duty. [L 1993, c 350, pt of §1]


Cross References


  Multiple-party accounts, see chapter 560, article VI.