§412:3-509  Out-of-state branch or agency.  A Hawaii financial institution maintaining a branch or agency outside of this State shall be subject to the following requirements:

     (1)  The accounts of each out-of-state branch or agency of the financial institution shall be maintained independently of the accounts of all its other out-of-state branches or agencies, and independently of its offices, branches, and agencies in this State.  At the end of every quarter of its fiscal year the financial institution shall transfer to its general ledger at its principal office the profit and loss from each out-of-state branch or agency as separate items;

     (2)  The commissioner may at any time conduct examinations of any out-of-state branch or agency and may at any time order its discontinuance for the same reasons as a branch or agency within the State may be ordered to be discontinued.  The financial institution maintaining the out-of-state branch or agency shall pay for the cost of all examinations, as provided in section 412:2‑105; and

     (3)  A financial institution may act as the fiscal agent of the United States through any of its out-of-state branches or agencies. [L 1993, c 350, pt of §1]