412:2-312 Suspension or revocation; procedure; hearing; enforcement. (a) The notice of charges and the proposed order of suspension or revocation shall be in writing and served upon the Hawaii financial institution at its principal office in this State. The notice of charges shall state the alleged grounds and a summary of the facts upon which such allegations are based. The notice shall be accompanied by a proposed order stating the commissioner's intention to suspend or revoke the institution's charter or license. The notice of charges shall set forth a time and place for a hearing to determine whether the suspension or revocation order shall be issued.

(b) Within twenty days after service, unless an earlier or later date is set by the commissioner upon request of the affected institution, the commissioner shall hold a hearing in accordance with chapter 91. If no appearance is made at the scheduled hearing by the party or the party's authorized representative, the party shall be deemed to have consented to [the] issuance of the suspension or revocation order and the commissioner may issue an order of suspension or revocation. Any suspension or revocation order issued after a hearing held in accordance with this subsection shall become effective after service upon the affected institution and shall remain effective until modified or terminated by the commissioner. Any appeal of a suspension or revocation order shall be made to the circuit court in accordance with chapter 91.

(c) On or after the effective date of any suspension or revocation order, the commissioner may apply for enforcement of the order to the circuit court. [L 1993, c 350, pt of 1]


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Appeals, see HRCP rule 72.


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