412:1-102 Scope and application of chapter. (a) This chapter shall be applicable to the following:

(1) All Hawaii financial institutions;

(2) Other persons, including foreign financial institutions, who subject themselves to special provisions of this chapter, or who, by violating any of its provisions, become subject to the penalties of this chapter; and

(3) To the extent permitted by federal law, all federal financial institutions transacting business in this State.

(b) A person shall not be deemed to be doing business in this State simply because it participates in a mortgage loan transaction with a Hawaii financial institution or a federal financial institution whose operations are principally conducted in this State by purchasing, acquiring, transferring, servicing, enforcing, or otherwise dealing with mortgaged property located in this State, or by foreclosing upon, or acquiring title to mortgaged property in case of a default under the mortgage, securing the rents and profits therefrom, or disposing of the same.

(c) Loans made by a financial institution pursuant to an agreement that a federal agency will guaranty the loan, or will purchase the loan, shall be subject to this chapter only to the extent consistent with federal law. No law of the State prescribing the nature, amount, or form of security or requiring security upon which loans may be made, or limiting the aggregate amount which is permitted to be invested in loans by reason of type of investment, or prescribing or limiting interest rates upon loans, or prescribing or limiting the period for which loans may be made shall be deemed to apply to loans made pursuant to an agreement with a federal agency that it will guaranty or purchase the loan. [L 1993, c 350, pt of 1]


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