[398-27] Notice of right to sue and employee remedies. (a) The department may issue a notice of right to sue. Within ninety days after the receipt of a notice of right to sue, the complainant may bring a civil action under this chapter. The department may intervene in a civil action brought pursuant to this chapter if the case is of general importance.

(b) An action by an employee to enforce the provisions of this chapter may be maintained in any court of competent jurisdiction by any one or more employees for and in behalf of oneself or themselves, or the employee or employees may designate an agent or representative to maintain the action.

(c) The court in any action brought under this section, in addition to any judgment awarded to the plaintiff or plaintiffs, shall allow costs of action, including costs of fees of any nature, and reasonable attorney's fees, to be paid by the defendant.

(d) The court also may provide injunctive relief in appropriate circumstances. [L 1995, c 154, pt of 3]


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