[398-9.5] Family leave data collection system; establishment. (a) There is established a family leave data collection system to:

(1) Ensure that all employees covered by the benefits of this chapter are informed of their rights under this chapter and their names are entered into the database upon application for benefits;

(2) Collect pertinent data, consistent with state and federal privacy statutes, on the use and potential demand for family leave benefits for both public and private-sector employees, including information on who and under what circumstances employees are using family leave benefits, the nature and duration of family members' needs, and the adequacy of current family leave benefits;

(3) Provide analysis of the data to assist in the development and implementation of an efficient system of family leave, including potential paid family leave, for employees in Hawaii; and

(4) Provide analysis of data to assist in the future development of caregiver services for senior citizens in Hawaii.

(b) The department shall work with the University of Hawaii center on aging to create a web-based data system with the following capabilities:

(1) The capacity for all employees seeking family leave benefits under this chapter to log into the data system and enter pertinent data on the circumstances and need for family leave benefits;

(2) The ability to secure confidential information, consistent with state and federal privacy statutes, available only in aggregate form for managers and analysts of the data system;

(3) The ability of the employee to print out a simple form to be submitted to the employer certifying that required data has been entered;

(4) The ability of data managers and analysts to manipulate and query the database to achieve the purpose of this chapter;

(5) A back-up paper system that can be used when computer access or printing is unavailable; and

(6) A user-friendly format that can be translated into multiple languages for employees.

(c) The state auditor shall be provided access to the database and shall prepare annual reports to the legislature, the department, and the University of Hawaii center on aging. [L Sp 2009, c 7, 2]



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