§398-3  Family leave requirement.  (a)  An employee shall be entitled to a total of four weeks of family leave during any calendar year:

     (1)  Upon the birth of a child of the employee or the adoption of a child; or

     (2)  To care for the employee's child, spouse, reciprocal beneficiary, sibling, grandchild, or parent with a serious health condition.

     (b)  During each calendar year, the leave may be taken intermittently.

     (c)  Leave shall not be cumulative.

     (d)  If unpaid leave under this chapter conflicts with the unreduced compensation requirement for exempt employees under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, an employer may require the employee to make up the leave within the same pay period.

     (e)  Nothing in this chapter shall entitle an employee to more than a total of four weeks of leave in any twelve-month period. [L 1991, c 328, pt of §1; am L 1992, c 87, §6; am L 1997, c 383, §57; am L 2017, c 128, §1; am L 2020, c 40, §3]