§396-2  Findings and purpose.  Through years of research and study, Congress has found that the number of industrial accidents that take place in the United States can be reduced if certain minimum standards are established and enforced.

     Congress has also found that personal injuries and illnesses arising out of work situations impose a substantial burden upon, and are a hindrance to, interstate commerce in terms of lost production, wage loss, medical expenses, and disability compensation payments.  The overall congressional findings would definitely be applicable to Hawaii.  There is a need to assure so far as possible, every working man and woman in the State safe and healthful working conditions.  This legislation is also designed to permit and encourage employer and employee efforts to reduce injury and disease arising out of employment, and to stimulate them to institute new programs and to perfect existing programs for providing safe and healthful working environments. [L 1972, c 57, pt of §1; am L 1976, c 95, §2]


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