[394B-10] Dislocated worker allowance. (a) Whenever a closing, partial closing, or relocation occurs, the employer shall provide each affected employee who applies for and is found eligible for unemployment compensation benefits for a particular week under chapter 383 and based in whole or in part upon employment in the closed, partial closed, or relocated plant a payment, denominated a dislocated worker allowance as a supplement to any unemployment compensation benefit received for that week.

(b) The amount of such weekly payment shall be the difference between the employee's average weekly wages (including any payments for periods of compensated leave) prior to the closing (partial closing or relocation) and the weekly unemployment compensation benefits received.

(c) For any one closing, partial closing, or relocation, an otherwise eligible employee ceases to be eligible for a dislocated worker allowance once he or she has received such an allowance from the covered employer for a total of four weeks.

(d) Receipt of a dislocated employee allowance shall not affect an employee's eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits for any week, or the amount of such benefits.

(e) The director of labor and industrial relations may adopt, amend, or repeal such rules and regulations as the director deems necessary or suitable for the administration of this chapter. The rules and regulations when prescribed in accordance with chapter 91 shall have the force and effect of law and shall be enforced in the same manner as this chapter.

(f) Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, any contractual agreement arrived at through a collective bargaining process that results in providing supplemental unemployment compensation benefits for an affected employee shall supersede, with respect to that employee, the requirements of this section. [L 1987, c 377, pt of 3]


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