394-9 Eligibility requirements. (a) In order to be eligible for state-assisted training or retraining under section 394-8, businesses must:

(1) Be licensed to do business in Hawaii;

(2) Establish or expand operations in Hawaii; and

(3) Be engaged in research, development, manufacturing, production, or delivery of services in growth industries such as, but not limited to, electronics, software, instrumentation, biotechnology, renewable energy, telecommunications, computers, mariculture, aquaculture, tropical agriculture, Hawaiian natural products, and space applications including astronomical research.

(b) The department may adopt rules to further clarify qualifying businesses and industries, eligible job positions for training, and eligible persons for job training to promote economic expansion within the State and may consult with the department of business, economic development, and tourism prior to issuing these rules. [L 1987, c 241, 3; am L 1988, c 141, 36; am L 1990, c 293, 8]


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