394-8 New industry training program. (a) There is hereby established the new industry training program, which shall be administered by the department of labor and industrial relations. Program moneys may be used to tailor training or retraining programs to meet the needs of qualifying businesses, to reimburse instructors for valid and approved expenditures in delivering instruction under the program, to rent appropriate training facilities and equipment, when necessary, to purchase or develop materials required to deliver the instruction, and for any other training-related expenses.

(b) The department shall utilize the resources of the University of Hawaii, including the community college system, the Hawaii technology development corporation, and other educational and training resources in the public and private sectors throughout the State as may be appropriate to be used to provide preemployment or employment training or on-the-job training for local residents hired by businesses relocating to Hawaii or expanding their local operations. The department may contract for these training needs from public agencies including the various University of Hawaii campuses, private educational institutions, nonprofit corporations, or private entities in order to provide the required training. [L 1987, c 241, 2; am L 2017, c 69. 4]



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