[§393-42]  Management of the fund.  The director of finance shall be the treasurer and custodian of the premium supplementation fund and shall administer the fund in accordance with the directions of the director of labor and industrial relations.  All moneys in the fund shall be held in trust for the purposes of this part only and shall not be expended, released, or appropriated or otherwise disposed of for any other purpose.  Moneys in the fund may be deposited in any depositary bank in which general funds of the State may be deposited but such moneys shall not be commingled with other state funds and shall be maintained in separate accounts on the books of the depositary bank.  Such moneys shall be secured by the depositary bank to the same extent and in the same manner as required by the general depositary law of the State; and collateral pledged for this purpose shall be kept separate and distinct from any other collateral pledged to secure other funds of the State.  The director of finance shall be liable for the performance of the director of finance's duties under this section as provided in chapter 37. [L 1974, c 210, pt of §1; gen ch 1985]