393-21 Individual waivers; additional withholding for dependents. (a) An employee may waive individually all of the required health care benefits pursuant to this chapter by:

(1) Requesting the waiver by a writing submitted to the employer; and

(2) Receiving approval of the waiver from the director upon the director determining that the employee has other coverage under a prepaid health care plan which provides benefits that meet the standards prescribed in section 393-7.

(b) The employer who receives from an employee a written request for a waiver under this section shall transmit to the director a copy of the waiver, on a form prescribed by the director, and a copy of the prepaid health care plan on the basis of which the waiver is requested.

(c) A waiver under this section is binding for one year and is renewable for subsequent one-year periods.

(d) An employer who, directly or indirectly, coerces or attempts to coerce an employee in making a waiver under this section shall be subject to the penalty provided under section 393-33(b).

(e) An employee may not agree to pay a greater share of the premium for such benefits than is required by this chapter.

(f) Subject to section 393-7(b), an employee may consent to pay a greater share of the employee's wages and to a withholding of such share by the employer for the purpose of providing prepaid health care benefits of the employee's dependents under the plan providing such benefits for the employee's self. [L 1974, c 210, pt of 1; am L 1976, c 81, 1; gen ch 1985]


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