[393-13] Liability for payment of premium; withholding; recovery of premium. Unless an applicable collective bargaining agreement specifies differently every employer shall contribute at least one-half of the premium for the coverage required by this chapter and the employee shall contribute the balance; provided that in no case shall the employee contribute more than 1.5 per cent of the employee's wages; and provided that if the amount of the employee's contribution is less than one-half of the premium, the employer shall be liable for the whole remaining portion of the premium.

The employer shall withhold the employee's share from the employee's wages with respect to pay periods as specified by the director.

If an employee separates from the employee's employment after the employee's employer has prepaid the employee's share of the cost of providing health care coverage, the employer may deduct an amount not to exceed one-half of the premium cost but without regard to the 1.5 per cent limitation, from the last salary or wages due the employee, or seek other appropriate means to recover the premium. [L 1974, c 210, pt of 1; am L 1976, c 206, 1; gen ch 1985]


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