[393-12] Choice of plan type and of contractor. (a) Every employer required to provide coverage for the employer's employees by a prepaid group health care plan under this chapter shall elect whether coverage shall be provided by:

(1) A plan which obligates the prepaid health care plan contractor to furnish the required health care benefits; or

(2) A plan which obligates the prepaid health care plan contractor to defray or reimburse the expenses of health care.

The employer's election is binding for one year.

(b) Whether the employer elects a plan type described in subsection (a)(1) or in subsection (a)(2), the employer may elect the particular contractor but the employee shall not be obligated to contribute a greater amount to the premium than the employee would have to contribute had the employer elected coverage with the contractor providing the prevailing coverage of the respective type in the State.

Subject to the provision of section 393-20, the employer shall provide coverage with the prepaid health care plan contractor selected pursuant to this subsection for all the employer's employees in the State electing this type of coverage who are covered by the provisions of this chapter, except for employees covered by the health care provisions of an applicable collective bargaining agreement as provided in section 393-19(b) first sentence. [L 1974, c 210, pt of 1; gen ch 1985]


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