393-2 Findings and purpose. The cost of medical care in case of sudden need may consume all or an excessive part of a person's resources. Prepaid health care plans offer a certain measure of protection against such emergencies. It is the purpose of this chapter in view of the spiraling cost of comprehensive medical care to provide this type of protection for the employees in this State. Although a large segment of the labor force in the State already enjoys coverage of this type either by virtue of collective bargaining agreements, employer-sponsored plans, or individual initiative, there is a need to extend that protection to workers who at present do not possess any or possess only inadequate prepayment coverage.

This chapter shall not be construed to diminish any protection already provided pursuant to collective bargaining agreements or employer-sponsored plans that is more favorable to the employees benefited thereby than the protection provided by this chapter or at least equivalent thereto, provided that presently existing collective bargaining agreements shall not be affected by the provisions of this section. [L 1974, c 210, pt of 1; am L 1978, c 199, 1]


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