Part I.  Short Title; Purpose; Definitions


    392-1 Short title

    392-2 Findings and purpose

    392-3 Definitions generally

    392-4 Place of performance

    392-5 Excluded services

    392-6 Individual in current employment

    392-7 Average weekly wage


        Part II.  Temporary Disability Benefits

   392-21 Establishment of temporary disability benefits

 392-21.5 Proceedings to determine employment and coverage

   392-22 Weekly benefit amount

   392-23 Duration of benefit payments

   392-24 Waiting period

   392-25 Eligibility for benefits

   392-26 Care by physician, advanced practice registered nurse,

          or equivalent required

   392-27 Ineligibility in certain cases

   392-28 Duplication of benefits not permitted

   392-29 No assignment of benefits; exemptions from attachment,



        Part III.  Provision for Temporary Disability Insurance


   392-41 Provision for payment of benefits

   392-42 Notice of insurance

 392-42.5 Insurer's requirements; failure to maintain a claims

          service office; penalty; injunction

   392-43 Authority to withhold contributions, rate of

          contribution, maximum weekly wage base

 392-43.5 Payments of premium for ineligible employees not


   392-44 Payment of disability benefits

 392-44.5 Notice of denial

   392-45 Subrogation rights if employee entitled to workers'

          compensation benefits or indemnity under employers'

          liability acts

   392-46 Subrogation rights against third parties

   392-47 Failure to give security for payment of benefits;

          penalty; injunction

   392-48 The insurance contract

   392-49 Insolvency of employer not to release insurer

   392-50 Cancellation of insurance contracts

   392-51 Failure to submit timely wage and employment


   392-52 Disposition of accrued benefits where insurer is

          unable to locate employee


        Part IV.  Trust Fund for Disability Benefits

   392-61 Establishment of trust fund for disability benefits

   392-62 Management of the fund

   392-63 Disbursements from the fund

   392-64 Investment of moneys

   392-65 Temporary disability benefits to be paid from the

          trust fund for disability benefits; recovery of

          disability benefits

   392-66 Disability while unemployed

   392-67 Assessments for the trust fund for disability


   392-68 Failure to pay assessments

   392-69 Request for wage and employment information


        Part V.  Determinations


        A.  Appeal Procedure

   392-71 Appeal tribunal

   392-72 Appeals, filing, and hearing

   392-73 Procedure

   392-74 Conclusiveness of determinations and decisions

   392-75 Judicial review

   392-76 Representation

   392-77 Payment of benefits

   392-78 Recovery of benefits paid; individual's liability to

          repay benefits; insurer's appeal rights

   392-79 Reconsideration

   392-80 Appeal pending when reconsideration issued

   392-81 Notice of reconsideration


        B.  Determinations Relating to Wage Withholding

   392-86 Disputes between employers and employees relating to

          withholding of wages


        Part VI.  Enforcement

   392-91 Enforcement by the director

   392-92 Penalties


        Part VII.  Miscellaneous Provisions

  392-101 Limitation of fees


Attorney General Opinions


  Where department essentially has two TDI plans (full-time teachers are covered by a plan approved by DLIR pursuant to §392-41(a)(5), and department's A+ and other employees are paid benefits in accordance with TDI law found in this chapter), if an individual is employed by department as both a full-time teacher and an A+ employee and the individual becomes disabled for both jobs, the department must pay the individual under both TDI plans.  Att. Gen. Op. 97-9.