[390-3] Certificates of employment and age. (a) Certificates of employment and age shall be issued by persons appointed by the director in the form and under conditions prescribed by the director.

(b) A person designated to issue certificates of employment may refuse to issue a certificate if in the person's judgment the nature of the employment or the place thereof is such as to injuriously affect the health, safety or well-being of the minor or contribute toward the minor's delinquency.

(c) Every employer receiving a certificate of employment shall return the certificate to the department immediately after termination of the employment showing thereon the date of termination.

(d) The department may destroy or dispose of any certificate of employment on file which was issued on behalf of a minor who has attained the age of eighteen years and any application for a certificate of employment or age which was filed with the department more than five years prior to the destruction or disposition. [L 1969, c 162, pt of 2; gen ch 1985]


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