[388-9.5] Order of wage payment violation; appeal. (a) When the department of labor and industrial relations, as a result of the department's own investigation, finds that a violation of this chapter or administrative rules adopted under this chapter has been committed and not corrected, the department shall issue an order of wage payment violation to the employer in violation. The order shall include any amount assessed pursuant to section 388-10(a).

(b) The order of wage payment violation shall be final and conclusive unless within twenty days after a copy of the order of wage payment violation has been sent to the employer, the employer files a written notice of appeal with the director in writing.

(c) A hearing on the written notice of appeal shall be held pursuant to chapter 91, by a hearings officer appointed by the director, within thirty days of the filing of the notice of appeal. A decision stating the findings of fact and conclusions of law shall be rendered by the hearings officer within thirty days after the conclusion of the hearing.

(d) Any party to an appeal under this chapter may obtain judicial review of the decision issued by the hearings officer in the manner provided under chapter 91. [L 2017, c 135, pt of 2]



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