388-9 Enforcement. (a) The director of labor and industrial relations shall enforce and administer this chapter and the director or the director's authorized representatives may hold hearings and otherwise investigate charges of violations of this chapter and institute actions for penalties hereunder.

(b) The director or the director's authorized representatives may enter and inspect such places, question such employees, and investigate such facts, conditions, or matters as they may deem appropriate to determine whether any person has violated this chapter or any rule or regulation issued hereunder or which may aid in the enforcement of this chapter.

(c) If any judgment obtained by the director against an employer for nonpayment of wages remains unsatisfied for a period of thirty days after the time to appeal therefrom has expired and no appeal is pending or after such judgment has been finally affirmed on appeal, the director may institute proceedings in the name of the State in the circuit court in which the employer has the employer's principal place of business to compel the employer to cease doing any business until the judgment has been satisfied. [L 1963, c 158, pt of 3; Supp, 95-8; HRS 388-9; gen ch 1985]


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