§386-2  Definitions relating to family relationships.  "Brother" or "sister" includes a half brother or half sister, a stepbrother or stepsister, and a brother or sister by adoption.

     "Child" includes a posthumous child, adopted child, stepchild, child born to parents not married to each other, and hanai child acknowledged prior to the personal injury.

     "Grandchild" includes a child of an adopted child and a child of a stepchild, but does not include a stepchild of a child.

     "Grandparent" includes a parent of a parent by adoption, but does not include a parent of a stepparent, a stepparent of a parent, or a stepparent of a stepparent.

     "Parent" includes a stepparent or a parent by adoption. [L 1963, c 116, pt of §1; Supp, §97-2; HRS §386-2; am L 1982, c 193, §1; am L 1997, c 52, §1]


Revision Note


  Definitions rearranged pursuant to §23G-15.


Attorney General Opinions


  Prior to 1982 amendment, benefits under workers' compensation law did not extend to hanai children.  Att. Gen. Op. 93-1.


Case Notes


  Construed.  31 H. 814 (1931).