§385-11  Recovery of additional unemployment benefits; penalties.  (a)  Any person who makes, or causes to be made by another, a false statement or representation of material fact knowing it to be false or who knowingly fails, or causes another to fail, to disclose a material fact, and as a result thereof has received any amount as benefits under this chapter to which the person was not entitled shall be liable for such amount.  Notice of redetermination in such cases shall specify that the person is liable to repay to the fund the amount of additional unemployment benefits paid to the person by reason of such nondisclosure or misrepresentation, and the week or weeks for which the benefits were paid.

     (b)  If, under this section a claimant is liable to repay any amount to the director of labor and industrial relations, such amount shall be collectible without interest by civil action in the name of the director.

     (c)  Whoever makes a false statement or representation knowing it to be false or who knowingly fails to disclose a material fact to obtain or increase any benefit or other payment under this chapter shall be fined no less than $175 nor more than $1,750, or imprisoned no more than one year, or both. [L 1961, c 157, pt of §1; Supp, §93B-121; HRS §385-11; am L 1972, c 47, §5; gen ch 1985; am L 2020, c 44, §5]