383-144 Unlawful disclosures. If any individual, whether an employee or member of the department of labor and industrial relations, or the referee, in violation of section 383-95, makes any disclosure of information obtained from any employing unit or individual in the administration of this chapter, or if any individual who has obtained any list of applicants for work, or of claimants or recipients of benefits, under this chapter, uses or permits the use of the list for any political purpose, that individual shall be fined not less than $20 nor more than $200, or imprisoned not more than ninety days, or both. [L 1939, c 219, 14(a); am L 1941, c 304, 1, pt of subs 36; RL 1945, 4291; RL 1955, 93-143; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, 27; HRS 383-144; am L 2016, c 55, 9]


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Classification of offense and authorized punishment, see 701-107, 706-640, and 706-663.



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