383-126 Reimbursement of fund. If any moneys received after June 30, 1941, from the Secretary of Labor under title III of the Social Security Act, or any unencumbered balances in the employment security administration fund as of that date, or any moneys granted after that date to the State pursuant to the Wagner-Peyser Act, are found by the Secretary of Labor, because of any action or contingency, to have been lost or been expended for purposes other than, or in amounts in excess of, those found necessary by the Secretary of Labor for the proper administration of this chapter, it is the policy of the State that such moneys shall be replaced by moneys appropriated for such purpose from the general funds of the State to the employment security administration fund for expenditure as provided in section 383-125. Upon receipt of notice of such a finding by the Secretary of Labor, the department of labor and industrial relations shall promptly report the amount required for such replacement to the governor and the governor shall, at the earliest opportunity, submit to the legislature a request for the appropriation of the amount. This section shall not be construed to relieve the State of its obligation with respect to funds received prior to July 1, 1941, pursuant to title III of the Social Security Act. [L 1939, c 219, 12(b); am L 1941, c 304, 1, pt of subs 34; RL 1945, 4284; am L 1953, c 41, 1(2); RL 1955, 93-125; am L 1957, c 205, 1(h); am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, 27; HRS 383-126]


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