383-125 Financing employment security administration. All moneys received from the federal government or other sources that are required by federal law or regulations to be for the purposes of administering the employment security program shall be expended subject to the findings of the Secretary of Labor as to purpose and amount, and subject to all appropriation, budgeting, and accounting requirements of the State not inconsistent with federal laws and regulations governing such moneys. [L 1939, c 219, 12(a); am L 1941, c 304, 1, pt of subs 34; RL 1945, 4283; am L 1953, c 41, 1(2); RL 1955, 93-124; am L 1957, c 145, 1(c), c 152, 1, and c 205, 1(g); am L 1959, c 265, 13(b); HRS 383-125]


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