[383-92.5] Worker profiling. The department shall establish and utilize a system of profiling all new claimants for regular compensation in compliance with section 4 of the Unemployment Compensation Amendments of 1993 (P.L. 103-152) that:

(1) Identifies which claimants will be likely to exhaust regular compensation and will need job search assistance services to make a successful transition to new employment;

(2) Refers claimants identified pursuant to paragraph (1) to reemployment services, such as job search assistance services, available under any state or federal law;

(3) Collects follow-up information relating to the services received by these claimants and the employment outcomes for these claimants subsequent to receiving the services, and utilizes this information in making identifications pursuant to paragraph (1); and

(4) Meets other requirements that the Secretary of Labor deems appropriate. [L 1994, c 112, 1]


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