[383-29.6] Partial unemployment; eligibility. A new claim or an initial additional claim for partial unemployment benefits may be filed as the department prescribes for any week only if the individual:

(1) Is a full-time worker;

(2) Is attached to a regular employer, as defined in section 383-1;

(3) Worked less than or did not work the individual's normal, customary full-time hours, as defined in section 383-1, for that week;

(4) Had no earnings or earned less than the individual's weekly benefit amount for that week; and

(5) Was unemployed due to a lack of full-time work, as defined in section 383-1, for that week. [L 2009, c 170, pt of 2, 7; am L 2010, c 76, 3; am L 2011, c 165, 5]



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